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Here are some Medicare basics:

 What is Medicare?

Medicare is a national health insurance program for people age 65 and older and for some people that have certain disabilities and are under the age of 65. Medicare began in 1965 under the Lyndon B. Johnson administration.

What does Medicare cover?

Medicare was designed to cover about 80% of the costs of covered medical services. Covered medical services are broken into two major categories:

  • Part A – Part A mainly covers Hospital services and
  • Part B – Part B covers other medically necessary services like doctor office visits and outpatient care.

  What is a Medicare Supplement?

Since Medicare was established to cover about 80% of the costs of covered medical services, Seniors are responsible for the other 20% of the costs. This 20% can be quite disruptive to anyone, especially those that are on fixed incomes. Under Federal regulations and oversight, Insurance companies can offer Supplemental Insurance to cover the 20% Medicare does not, or fill in the “Gap” that Medicare leaves. Medicare Supplements or Medigap policies are a great way to minimize the potential financial hit that Seniors could take on when medical expenses come. The Medicare Supplement Plan F is by far the most popular plan that Seniors choose to purchase. It provides the most coverage and least out of pocket expense exposure if you become sick.

Medicare Diagram

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